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"Consera has transformed the worldwide logistics tasks for Pacific Marine and Industrial … The bottom line is that the results of engaging Consera will be time saved and money earned two things dear to any executive. Please use me as a reference at any time"

Kent Brown, CEO, Pacific Marine and Industrial

"I have worked with Mike Tabatabai and his team for over seven years. Their ability to deliver outstanding customer service and shareholder value is unparalleled! They always had a positive impact on COGS and Operating Expenses. Mike is unique in his passion for customer satisfaction and the ability to anticipate customer needs and implement leading edge process and technology solutions that provide a strong foundation for the future. He has a reputation for making things happen!"

Eric Herr, Former President of Autodesk Inc.

"Val Garcia is a tough, enlightened executive who understands successful procurement, that price is important, but value is vital. Negotiating with him is not fun...but you know where you stand, you know he is honest, and after the deal is done you know you have a business partner you can count on."

Ed Rose, President and CEO, Open Channel Solutions, Inc.

"While working with Mehrdad at Autodesk, I witnessed his constant striving to improve every aspect of the supply chain and logistics organization. Mehrdad's efforts resulted in significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings."

Kate Teeters, Cost Accountant, Autodesk Inc.

"I have worked with the members of the Consera organization for many years. Over that time, as part of the Autodesk team, they delivered significant cost reductions, such as reducing COGS from almost 20% to about 3.4% and reducing OPEX by 10% annually. They continued to improve the customer experience throughout this period. In addition, they drove significant price reduction through negotiation, improved turn-times, reduced inventories and scrap.

This team includes some of the best professionals I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future. "

Director of Global Supply Chain Fortune 500 Company

"Mehrdad led his teams to reduce inventory 8 fold, cut direct materials spend by >50% and obsolescence by >60%, achieve same day fulfillment of all orders, improve inventory accuracy to 99.97%, achieve forecast accuracy of > 90% and cut the cycle time on new product launches by half. All this with excellent budget management, a great quality system, employee development and always achieving quarter end shipping requirements. I highly recommend him on his excellent leadership skills and expertise in supply chain."

Manufacturing and Business Planning Manager, Fortune 500 Company.

"This letter is furnished in connection with your consideration of engaging the services of Magid "Mike" Tabatabai and his team ...and summarizes my acquaintance and experience with Mike.

I worked with Mike in my role of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ashton-Tate Corporation from 1987 to 1991, when Ashton-Tate was acquired by Borland International. During that period I was at various times responsible for the financial, legal and operations aspects of the Company's business.

Mike was directly responsible for the domestic operations of Ashton-Tate, which included product assembly and distribution as well as the overall operations activities. In addition to his primary responsibilities, Mike counseled the managements of our Dublin, Ireland and Singapore operations with.respect to their performance of similar duties in servicing our European and Far East-customers. After I assumed responsibility for the overall operations aspects 'of our business Mike, worked directly with our operations Vice President and me in reducing our domestic ' inventories from about $26 million to about $6 million, while substantially improving our-~', "first-time-ship" performance ... the less inventory you have, the better you manage it! '

Mike is a "can-do" person ...a self starter, who always has his eye on the improvement of the Company's situation. He interfaces well with his people and with management at all levels. He always tells it directly ...and the way it actually is ...not what he thinks you want to hear! I don't recall his ever having failed to accomplish anything he committed to perform! He and I remain good personal friends (even 20 years after having parted business ways) and I highly value his personal friendship.

After Ashton-Tate was sold, Mike joined Autodesk in a senior operations management capacity. A couple of years thereafter, an Autodesk Director friend of mine told me that Mike was instrumental in saving Autodesk more than $30 million per year in operating expenses and inventory carrying costs, while turning in his usual stellar level of performance in managing Autodesk's worldwide operations functions. When Mike started at Autodesk in its fourth fiscal quarter of 1993, cost of goods sold was about 20% of sales. When he left in 2005, cost of goods sold was less than 5% of sales. With annual sales having increased to more than $1 billion by 2005 the resultant 15% reduction in cost of goods sold had yielded the company multi-millions of dollars in incremental profits over the period. Autodesk also had international operations, so between Ashton-Tate and Autodesk, Mike gained significant familiarity with doing business-outside the United States.

I consider Mike an extremely competent professional manager in his area of expertise, as well as a valued business associate and personal friend. I recommend him without reservation for your consideration in the areas of his personal disciplines and expertise."

Very truly yours,
George L. Farinsky
Former CFO Aston Tate