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Case Studies
Supply Chain Expertise:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Distribution, Warehousing
  • Facilities Management
  • Logistics & Reverse Logistics
  • Forecasting, MPS, Production Control
  • Materials Management, MRP
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Quality Management
  • Organizational Development

  • Reduced COGS by 85% for a Fortune 500 company
  • Reduced on-hand inventory by 80% with 99.97% accuracy and half the obsolescence
  • Reduced a company’s product launch cycle time by >50% with simultaneous global availability
  • Reduced a company’s global shipping from 2 weeks to same-day
  • Increased productivity and streamlined personnel by 35% through lean processes
  • Re-engineered NPI process reducing manufacturing, inventory and distribution costs by >50% globally
  • Lead ISO 9000 certification that improved customer satisfaction and maintained a DPPM of <100
Supply Chain Practice

  • Cycle Time Reduction

Eliminate operational overlap

Improve processes and demand forecasting

  • Lower Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Enhance purchasing techniques and supply chain management

Evaluate and enhance end-to-end processes

  • Automation

Optimize supply chain utilizing ebusiness solutions and back office automation

  • Quality

Assess existing quality

Implement quality standards, policies and procedures where needed

  • Out-sourcing/In-sourcing

Bring distribution points closer to your markets

Evaluate opportunities especially for low or non value-add transactions that cannot be automated

Utilize internal skills and infrastructure where it makes sense

  • Benchmarking

Evaluate how we are doing vs. industry norm

  • Metrics and Reporting

Define and deploy day to day controls

Supply Chain Service Offerings

  • Optimizing demand forecasting for Operations   [ + ]
  • Gain deep understanding of operations planning and fulfillment cycle including:
    • Detailed interviews and process flows for stakeholders in business planning, sales, sales operations, product marketing, quality, manufacturing, warranty and customer care
    • Developing internal metrics related to cycle times, failure rates, pricing and quality which will be benchmarked to industry data
  • Assess adequacy of forecasting tools and processes in meeting internal and customer requirements
    • Perform gap analysis
    • Identify and document required remediation
    • Provide monitoring tools to assess performance against pre-determined quality thresholds
  • Assessment and improvement plan for inventory level optimization and order fulfillment   [ + ]
  • Identify stakeholder(s) and review their goals
  • Interview employees impacting the inventory and order fulfillment
  • Understand organization's product lifecycle management
  • Review all factors that impact inventory and order fulfillment
    • Forecasting, manufacturing, suppliers, materials management, product availability, shipping, logistics, warehousing, quality, end-of-life product management, SKU management, lead times, safety stock
  • Review existing inventory and order fulfillment data
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Identification of the following:
    • New process recommendations, existing process revisions, policies, processes, training requirements, supplier improvement or replacement
  • Document new or revised processes and present plan to management
  • Assessment of Operations Business Continuity Plan   [ + ]
  • From the time of receipt of an order until verification of shipment ensure that all customer transactions can be fulfilled. Pick, pack, ship and track. Consera, Inc. will
    • Identify stakeholders involved
    • Review cross-functional stakeholder(s) goals
      • Operations, Customer Service, Finance, etc.
    • Interview employees impacting the business continuity
      • Team members of stakeholders
    • Gather, review and analyze client data
    • Review existing business continuity processes
    • Identify process gaps
    • Define and document new processes
    • Identify if new systems and tools are required
    • Generate a strategic plan
  • Right Sourcing Process Assessment and Plan   [ + ]
  • Assess the right time and circumstances to Out-source/In-source or Off-Shore/On-Shore functions within the Manufacturing Organization
    • Assess current state and capabilities
    • Assess costs
    • Assess impact to business (customers, including their perceptions and actual contract requirements; IT systems and visibility to information and being able to report internally and externally
    • Assess whether decision is irrevocable and how easy the function could be brought back to outsource/insource or off-shore/on-shore
    • Identify alternative vendors
    • Negotiating with a vendor to ensure service, quality and process requirements are all met
    • Identify and document new process
  • Optimized Distribution Method Assessment   [ + ]
  • Efficient order processing, pulling/kitting and distribution of products resulting in 30% to 50% cycle time and cost reduction with better quality control from the receipt of orders to shipping of products
    • Identify stakeholder(s) involved and review their goals
    • Interview employees impacting the distribution
    • Review existing processes/procedures, work instruction from distribution and others impacting the distribution
    • Gather and review existing distribution data reports
    • Identification of the following:
      • New or revised process recommendations, training requirements
  • Assessment and plan for improvement of Operations Quality Systems   [ + ]
  • Identify stakeholder(s) involved and review their goals
  • Interview employees impacting the quality
  • Review existing policies, processes/procedures, work instruction
  • Review existing quality data reports by department
  • Conduct a root cause analysis
  • Identification of the following:
    • New process recommendations, existing process revisions, policies, processes, training requirements

For a practical implementation please see Case Study for Supply Chain Practice