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Consera Full Cycle Methodology


Transforming your business through operational excellence and innovative solutions using Consera's

Consera Full Cycle Methodology


  • Evaluate current state
  • Identify opportunities
  • Qualify opportunities
  • Measure organizational readiness assessment


  • Qualify opportunities based on cost benefit
  • Prioritize opportunity roadmap
  • Define success criteria
  • Present recommendations for client approval


  • Design projects based on approved recommendations
  • Perform fit gap analysis of current state and future state
  • Validate future state
  • Define project roadmap
  • Develop project plans
  • Build/re-engineer solutions
  • Deploy solutions
  • Test solution against success criteria
  • Present success criteria results
  • Schedule deployment sustainability audits


  • Audit the deployment for sustainability
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) trends
  • Skills assessment
  • Training/ re-training
  • Measure success criteria
  • Adjust processes and policies

* Activities that Drive Sustainability are Highlighted in Green