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Case Studies

Case Studies

Data Management Case Study

A Fortune 500 Software company with millions of customers had 33% of duplicate Customer Records which negatively impacted the organization’s ability to interact with customer, lowered customer satisfaction and adding to cost.

Analysis indicated duplicate records were created in legacy systems, no process monitored and too many people could create customer records, Lack of understanding of how customer records were used across the organization, no process to identify and remove duplicate customer, duplicate rate was 33% of customer records.  Opportunities identified included process improvement  for customer record creation and usage across organization, ability to identify and remove duplicate customers.

Recommendations included building a customer rule repository to define how customer data is used across organization, tool to identify and remove duplicate customers, new processes for customer record creation and staff trainings.

Execution assigned responsibilities, set quality targets for customer master, built customer business rules repository, evaluated, selected and implemented tools for identifying and removing customer duplicates, built business expertise for customer business rules based on business rule repository and monitoring of  new customer creation.

Sustainability established Quality Review Process, reviewed metrics, identified areas of opportunity and corrected them, reviewed and improved process issues and ensured the organization was self sufficient with the new process and was achieving agreed goals.